The DRF David Miller Internship Programme for 2022, via Creative Access

We are delighted to announce that the two winners of the 2022 Award are Valentia Adarkwa-Afari and Hannah Asikhia.  They will start the six-week programme on 19th September.


The DRF David Miller Bursary, currently awarded to a developing rights professional already working in the business, is to be refocused on creating entry pathways for people from groups under-represented in the sector, in partnership with Creative Access, a leading social enterprise specialised in diversity, equity and inclusion.

The biennial award will be renamed the DRF David Miller Internship Programme and with its educational brief will support two paid internships over a six-week period.

The programme will offer an entry level introduction to rights and agenting in publishing companies and literary agencies, providing a full understanding of the roles of rights professionals within the wider industry. This will be achieved through first-hand experience and intensive training, with the specific aim of providing a significant stepping stone to the successful candidates in their search for future employment. Topics covered will include the concepts underpinning intellectual property and copyright; how publishing licenses work; how authors and agents work together; the role of the publisher both domestically and in international markets; the ways in which translation rights are sold; the role of literary scouts; how publishers exploit the rights they have acquired; and insights into some translation publishing markets in a variety of countries.  Their educational schedule will include involvement with The Frankfurt Book Fair, the key yearly rights event in October.  The two interns will be given mentoring and guidance throughout their placements.

Payment will be made at the current rate of the London living wage. Accommodation would be provided if needed.

Companies committed to the programme and who will provide placements include RCW, David Higham, ILA, Penguin Random House, Faber and Profile Books.

Creative Access will lead the search for candidates with a particular focus in attracting those from communities under-represented in the sector. They will facilitate the initial long-listing of potential candidates, from which a shortlist will be agreed. The selection of the two successful interns will be made by an interview panel comprising of highly experienced rights professionals associated with the Foundation, with interviews planned for early July. The internships will commence in mid-September and run for six weeks.

The internships will be overseen and managed by the Trustees of the DRF together with senior executives from the collaborating publishing houses and agencies.

The DRF David Miller Internship Programme is named in memory of RCW agent David Miller who died in 2016.

The previous winners of the DRF David Miller Bursary

The 2019 DRF David Miller Bursary was won by Prema Raj, of AM Heath Literary Agency. Prema spent her 8 weeks working at Rosinante, Profile Books, Vintage, Grove and Einaudi. The runners-up were Camille Morard and Hana Murrell.

Prema said: “The Bursary has been an enormously valuable experience allowing me to expand my knowledge of translation rights and international contacts, and the publishing industry as a whole.”

Sam Bursary

The 2017 DRF David Miller Bursary was won by Sam Coates, then of Vintage PRH. Sam spent his 8 weeks working at Cappelen Damm, RCW, De Bezige Bej and Farrar Straus & Giroux. The runners-up were Celia Long and Emily Randle.

Sam said: “The bursary has provided a wealth of experience, knowledge and information which I intend to draw on over the coming years.”