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The Board

The Deborah Rogers Foundation (DRF) is a registered charity supporting emerging talent in the literary world by means of two biennial awards.



The Lord Berkeley of Knighton CBE


Board of Directors:

Gill Coleridge (Chair, Rogers Coleridge & White Ltd)

Peter Straus CBE (Managing Director, Rogers Coleridge & White Ltd)

Tamsin Eastwood (Stone King LLP)

Andrew Franklin (Managing Director, Profile Books Ltd) Treasurer

Mark Le Fanu OBE Treasurer

Dotti Irving (FourColmanGetty)

Company Secretary:

Nelka Bell (Finance Director, Rogers Coleridge & White Ltd)


Richard Cable

Liz Calder

Carmen Callil

William Fiennes

Peter Florence MBE

Margaret Halton

Ian McEwan CBE

Stephen Page

Baroness Rebuck of Bloomsbury DBE

Zoë Waldie



DSJ Partners LLP, 2nd Floor, 1 Bell Street, London NW1 5BY.


Registered Charity No. 9785652

Registered Office: 20 Powis Mews London W11 1JN